Groundbreakers Dai Carter and Edino van Dorsten inspire during Start Academic Year

SAY 2023

On Monday, 4 September, the academic year kicked off with inspiring and impressive lectures by groundbreakers Dai Carter and Edino van Dorsten. Employees and students were taken into the world of mental strength, pushing boundaries, and finding oneself.

The theme of this Start Academic Year is one of our core values: pushing boundaries. At NHL Stenden, we believe in expanding your boundaries; we make the impossible possible by looking beyond the boundaries of our professional field. Our speakers know better than anyone what it's like to push their limits and they stimulated and motivated students and employees with powerful lectures.

Mental strength

Former Special Forces Medic Dai Carter took the visitors on a journey through his past as a commando, where he faced many mental and physical obstacles. By balancing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive aspects of your mental strength, you can increase your resilience. With conviction, authority, and humour, Dai talked about the importance of letting go of stress and recharging yourself.

Actively pushing boundaries starts with thinking of pushing boundaries

Edino van Dorsten, one of the nine children from Ruinerwold, shared an impressive and open-hearted lecture about his turbulent youth, in which he made the difficult choice to push his boundaries and turn a negative past into a hopeful future. He emphasized to students and employees: dare to live, but also to make mistakes. Personal growth comes from those mistakes.