Your future after completing the bachelor Creative Business

With a bachelor’s in Creative Business, you have a wealth of career opportunities in the fast-growing world of media and entertainment. With your insights into media and management, you’ll be qualified to work at many different levels in the film, radio, tv, online media and music industries.  

Career diversity

As a media professional you’ll have highly developed conceptual thinking skills, be able to manage a creative team and know how to use various communication media and technologies. You’ll know how to apply these skills for a range of careers, from manager of a creative team to producer of a tv programme. And beyond the world of media and entertainment, there is a just as huge demand for people with your creative business skills. Large and small companies, international and national all need creative minds like yours to handle their media.  

Careers open to you after graduation include:

  • Concept developer: creating creative concepts and campaigns
  • Producer: responsible for the production of a media product
  • Web editor: managing and writing content on a website
  • Music manager: arranging everything concerning a music production
  • Creative entrepreneur: self-employed and working for multiple companies
  • Content manager: in charge of all the content on different (digital) channels
  • Social media marketer: using social media as a creative and effective marketing tool 
  • Organiser of branding events: organising exciting events to promote a brand

Job opportunities

77% of all Creative Business graduates find suitable work within 18 months after obtaining the degree. (source: Studiekeuze123 2023)


Continue your studies

Take your passion for creative business to the next level with a master’s degree. With the 1-year Master’s Content & Media Strategy, you develop as a media strategist that knows how to develop and use media content that help an organisation achieve its goals.


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