Creative Business course overview

The course in Creative Business teaches you how to think and work from a cross-media perspective. You will focus on creative media content and management and entrepreneurship in the creative field. You get acquainted with the entire process of concept development to production and you will learn how to market media products. You can do your internship in either the Netherlands or abroad, or you can even get started with your own business in media. Over the course of four years, you will become a creative professional, who can fulfil a leading role. Both in the spotlight, as well as behind the scenes.

Student Life in Holland vlog - Nina

What’s it like to study in Leeuwarden? Meet Nina, a German Creative Business student. She’ll tell you more about her student life in this city, and you'll get to see round the house she rents with her friends, join her on campus as she studies, takes a lunch break and goes for a kickboxing session at the health club, and then finishes the day off with a night on the town. Can you see yourself dancing the night away?

Study abroad vlogs

During your study, you have the opportunity to go abroad for a period of time. For example, to follow your minor or do your internship. You can study abroad at one of our Grand Tour locations or at one of our partner universities worldwide. These three Creative Business students did it! Watch their vlogs below, in which they take you along into a day in their life abroad.

Design-Based Education (DBE)

With Design-Based Education (DBE) ideas are turned into practical solutions, often in an international context. You work in small interdisciplinary groups on assignments from actual clients, preparing you in the best possible way for your future field. DBE places a strong emphasis on the personal development of our students, and guided by the academic staff, students take charge of their own learning path. Our educational concept is increasingly being implemented in all of our study programmes.

Course Catalogue

The course catalogue contains detailed information on the programme, so that you can compare different studies or get a more in-depth understanding of what the programme entails.

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