Gebouw Thailand


Bangkok: gateway to career opportunities

As a diverse economic and political union, Bangkok boasts unparalleled academic, internship and employment opportunities for students interested in exploring new grounds. The city with over 12 million inhabitants is home to many Dutch companies, international headquarters, and multinational organisations. These are integrated into minor programmes via joint projects, field trips, and guest lectures. The Bangkok campus partners with Panyapiwat Institute of Management, Asia’s leading corporate university.

  • Access to a global metropolis. 
  • Embedded in one of Asia’s leading corporate universities and linked to a global conglomerate of companies. 
  • Unique culture combining the East and West with endless opportunities for intercultural exchange with Thai people. 
  • A diverse team of experts from around the world with specific focus areas to support students in a personalised learning process.  
Thailand NHL Stenden PIM

The campus currently offers a diverse range of minor subjects like International Relations, Integrated Digital Marketing, Spa and Health Business Concepts, Event Management, Community-Based Tourism, and Marketing and Management in Asia. In addition to the strong involvement if the industry, the diversity and expertise of our tutors are creating a truly international experience in the heart of Asia. 


  • Community-Based Tourism
  • Marketing and Management in Asia 1
  • Event Management 2
  • International Relations 1
  • International Relations 2
  • Spa & Health Business Concepts
  • Integrated Digital Marketing