South-Africa - Cultural diversity in a coastal town

Our Grand Tour Location in South Africa is a small campus in Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape province. An idyllic coastal town in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, Port Alfred is known for its impeccable beauty and boasts an excellent marina, unspoilt beaches, friendly people, and unrivalled water sporting opportunities.

The campus offers a diverse range of minors that reflect the cultural and geographical diversity of the area and offer countless opportunities for students, from Wine Studies to Wildlife Management, and from Change and Innovation to Humanitarian Management. As a student, you also get the chance to work on local community development and learn about the social challenges that South Africa faces – and how you can make a positive contribution.


The Grand Tour location has a familial atmosphere and offers comfortable accommodation within walking distance of the main campus, the beach and town. The town’s shops, restaurants and clubs offer plenty of distraction and Port Alfred is a popular destination for whale and dolphin spotting. You could also try your hand at surfing or scuba diving during your time here, or go inland and explore the wildlife parks.

Students are able to take on the full meal plan on campus, or eat out and relax at one of several restaurants and bars in the town.

Greta Deike - Leisure and Events Management student

The Grand Tour was exactly the experience I was looking for.


1 Grand St, Port Alfred, 6170, South Africa


0027 46 6042219

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