Hospitality Studies

The Hospitality Studies department does real world research on hospitality, hospitality management and hospitable behaviour. “Hospitality” is defined as creating the experience of making one’s guests feel welcome. Businesses, individuals and societies at large can create added value by treating others with hospitality. Hospitality can be expressed in a variety of ways, but key components are being friendly, warm and interested in others. Many of us tend to associate “hospitality” with the industry of the same name, but the research conducted by the Department of Hospitality Studies extends well beyond the commercial aspects of hospitality alone.

Our research focuses on all facets of hospitality, being concerned specifically with the following three sub-areas: hospitality as part of the national culture, hospitality in the private sphere, and professional hospitality – that is, hospitality experienced within a business environment. In the latter case, the provision of hospitality constitutes an economic activity. Examples of this would be an establishment offering its guests food, drink or accommodation on a commercial basis.

Research Publications

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For a list of all publications by Professor Lashley, please refer to his Curriculum Vitae.

Research Projects

Range of activities and research

We conduct our research in conjunction with various businesses and organisations, as well as carrying out our own independent research. One of the main responsibilities of the Hospitality Studies department is contributing to the education provided by NHL Stenden Hotel Management School. This contribution consists of being involved in the degree programmes, assisting students with and supervising them in their research, and providing cases for Problem-Based Learning and the School's Design-Based Education philosophy.

If you are currently enrolled at NHL Stenden and are interested in the topic of hospitality, you are welcome to participate in our research. We encourage students to become involved in our research and regularly ask them to assist us with our projects.

Research Group

The kenniskring, i.e. the research group affiliated with the Hospitality Studies department meets monthly and is involved in a range of projects. Please ask us for more information.

Professor of Hospitality Studies

Professor Erwin Losekoot

A lecturer and researcher specialising in hospitality, Erwin Losekoot taught at Strathclyde University in Scotland, Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand and RMIT University in Vietnam before joining NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in 2018. He has co-authored a number of book chapters, published more than 30 articles in academic journals and presented at conferences world-wide.

Professor Losekoot’s primary research interest is hospitable behaviour and hospitableness as a potential source of competitive advantage.


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