The power of research and social connection

In this collection of practical research the researchers and their partners in the professional field share their acquired knowledge and expertise in the areas of inclusivity, digitisation, education, circular economy, and national and international entrepreneurship.

Every region is struggling to cope with modern-day challenges. Rural regions battle with ageing, urbanisation, agricultural expansion, environmental impact on nature, and decline in some areas. Urban agglomerations are faced with high population density, housing shortages, the gap between rich and poor, air pollution and congestion. Whilst the life expectancy in the Netherlands is still increasing, so too is the vulnerability of certain population groups, such as people with mental health problems or people furthest from the labour market. Sustainability, social quality, community spirit and widespread prosperity are core concepts in a vital, resilient region. NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences has designated Vital Regions as one of its fields of expertise. The practical research carried out under the banner of this knowledge and research domain shows how education enriches society with new insights and outcomes. The common denominator here is the ‘drive’ of academies and their professorships to contribute to a vital society in which people have sufficient income, can find meaningful work, remain healthy and live comfortably.

boek vital regios

The beautifully illustrated compilation showcases the vital region as a vibrant location where inhabitants, educational institutions, the business community, the local government, and care and welfare organisations not only work well together but reinforce each other as well. A region where the present day has a future.

This hefty book will be published in English on 8 March 2021. Both editions can be ordered while stocks last and can be collected from the Vital Regions secretariat or delivered free of charge.