Studying abroad can be very exciting and become the experience of a lifetime. But it can also make you aware of big and small cultural differences. It’s therefore good to know more about some Dutch habits and experience student life on campus and city, to find out if you can see yourself at NHL Stenden in the Netherlands. 

We’ve got a selection of videos, vlogs and podcasts for you to get you started as you explore everything the Netherlands has to offer. Or follow our international students on instagram to get day-to-day updates about student life. Listen to our international students as they share their experiences with studying abroad. 

Student life in Holland 

Dutch culture has lots of traditions to take you through the year, from fireworks and doughnut balls at New Year to colouring everything orange in May for the King’s birthday, and from cycling and sailing in the summer to ice skating in the winter. Our students have tried out a number of Dutch customs and traditions and tested some classic Dutch foods. Watch the videos of their experiences as they study abroad and soak up everything the Netherlands has to offer. 

Day in a life 

Our Day in a life vlogs give you a great impression of what studying abroad is like. Share in the study abroad experiences our students have at our campuses in Leeuwarden, Meppel and Emmen and find out what they get up to on an average day, join them as they work on their projects, balance study and social life, explore town, do the shopping and get mini-tours of the accommodation so you know just what you can expect when you come to study at NHL Stenden in the Netherlands too.   

You can also check out how our international students take studying abroad a step further and go even more international. The study abroad options at NHL Stenden include taking minors at one of our Grand Tour partner locations in South Africa, Bali or Thailand, taking an Exchange semester at one of our partner institutes, or doing your internship abroad. We’ve even got short one and two week study abroad experiences available through our RUN-EU programme. Check out their experiences in their day in a life vlogs


Whether you’re on the move or snuggled in a chair, you can listen or watch our student podcast on Study in Holland. It’ll give you the lowdown on life in the Netherlands as an international student. Our students share their experiences, their culture clashes and their ideas on life as a student living and studying abroad.