Global Education & Innovation

Education is rapidly becoming more international and the number of international schools is increasing fast. With schools becoming more multicultural, it is quite likely that in the future you will teach pupils from different cultural backgrounds. What better way is there to understand cultural differences than going on exchange to experience another culture yourself? 



  • Semester: spring
  • Level: second and third year
  • Amount of ECTS: 15

This programme offers you the possibility to participate in courses for primary education as well as for secondary education.

Examples of subjects are: Digital literacy & global citizenship: You’re going to be a part of the MySchoolsNetwork moderation team. Visiting schools, online moderation and giving feedback are components of this module.

Sharing online workplace dilemmas: Part of this module is to visit schools and use input from these visits to work on dilemmas. Also open for Dutch fellow students which helps to share (intercultural) experiences and dilemmas.

Creating online (educational) content: You’re going to be a part of the MySchoolsNetwork online creation team. Learning to produce interactive content (for your field of study) and publishing for schools (inland and abroad) for the platform of MySchoolsNetwork.

English in Primary Schools: This module is about the didactics of the subject English in primary schools. Which educational models for teaching English are available and how does this look like in the practice of elementary education?   

Your learning environment will be in the province of Friesland, which is in the North of The Netherlands. In Friesland, there are multilingual schools where you, as an exchange student, can explore the effect of teaching in more than one language.

Location: Leeuwarden

Credits: 30 ECTS

Level: Second and third year courses of the bachelors for Primary and Secondary Education.