Hotel School students help hospitality businesses in Emmen with “Pan it out”

Monday 03 May 2021

Emmen residents can get their own saucepans filled with a one-pot dish made by local restaurants.

Students from the NHL Stenden Hotel Management School AD programme in Emmen presented the first pan of food on Friday 30 April to councillor Guido Rink on behalf of the ‘Onder de pannen’ project (’Pan it out’), a creative and collaborative concept for local hospitality businesses for takeaway and home delivery food. The students set up the online order system, the logistics, the advertising and produced the creativity in the kitchen, working alongside various local parties in the process.

Wethouder Guido Rink neemt eerste OnderDePannen-pannetje in ontvangst.

Most catering companies have set up a takeaway or delivery service as a consequence of restaurants having to close because of the corona pandemic. Through the ‘Pan it out’ concept, students aim to help make it easier and more fun to order locally. The idea is simple – and sustainable: you bring along your own pan from your kitchen and get it filled with a one-pot dish from your favourite restaurant for less than 10 euro per person.

Local collaboration

Although the idea is simple, a lot had to be organised: the online system for ordering and paying, the logistics, the creativity in the kitchen and the promotional activities – and everything had to be done as sustainably as possible. To help with the task, the students worked with a number of local businesses. For instance, Jan van Peer (Koken en Tafelen) offered up a number of pans, No Limit Events (Hello Festival) helped with the logistics and EventTree took care of the order and payment module. What’s more, getting customers to use their own pan rather than offering plastic plates and packaging makes it nicely environmentally friendly!

No more cooking for the bin

The project means AD Hotel Management School students in Emmen no longer end up cooking and binning: “We can now cook and learn in the Stones kitchen without having to throw meals away, because they now go to the pans project.” It's a process that teaches students about sustainability, gives restaurants a boost and helps Emmen residents get a healthy meal on the table.

Donate a pan

Students not only want to help restaurants but also want to make a caring gesture to others. We all know someone who’d rather not go to the supermarket or who could do with a bit of help, and so the students came up with their own ‘pan it out’ pans that could be donated. You order from a restaurant of your choice and collect the filled pan to give to someone as a sign of support.

Order a pan?

Check the facebook page @onder_de_pannen_nl to find out where you can order your pan of food from.