NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences continues plans for multifunctional campus

Thursday 24 October 2019

A campus with accommodation for students and staff, combined with catering, sports and start-up facilities in Emmen. NHL Stenden is now making serious efforts in this area. Earlier this year, the university of applied sciences carried out an exploratory study into the subject, but is now making substantial progress with a plan for a multifunctional campus.

Gebouw Emmen

According to the Emmen location manager Annette Verhoef, a detailed plan should be ready by the summer of 2020.

The realisation of a campus is not the result of a shortage of suitable housing for students. “The supply of housing in the Emmen region is sufficient, but not concentrated. "

Accommodation for 300 students

According to Verhoef, it concerns accommodation for 300 (partly international) students. The exact location has yet to be determined. “We have several suitable places. The healthcare campus is an option, but nothing is fixed yet."

Also, it concerns more than just beds for eggheads. “In addition to catering and sports facilities, this campus should also offer facilities for start-ups by students and accommodation for companies. This will reinforce the exchange of and coordination between education and business. The campus must make an important contribution to attracting and retaining talent for the region".

Contribution: Journalist Rien Kort
Source: Dagblad van het Noorden