Juicy Beans
Juicy Beans

Juicy Beans

Project leader
Bianca Harms
September 2023 - December 2024
Communication, Media, Design

This project aims to explore how content and media can be effectively utilized to raise awareness among Dutch target groups about female cacao farmers who produce cocoa juice and the products that are made from this juice.


Cocoa often yields a low income for farmers. Women benefit the least from cocoa production, even though they often contribute the most. Ownership and higher income can be improved with the increase in the quality of the fermentation of the cocoa beans and the production of own chocolate and cocoa juice. Within the Juicy Beans project we collaborate with Kumasi Drinks which is a sustainable brand that extracts juice from cocoa fruits together with West-African farmers. Within this research project, the professorship studies how content and media can tell the story of female cacao farmers and the products made out of this juice.

Project approach 

Researchers from the professorship collaborate with students from the NHL Stenden minor Media Concepts & Sustainability. Design research methods are applied to develop content marketing strategies and communicate results of this project with respect to the interests of local Ivory-Coast farmer women and Kumasi.

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