China inspired by lector Stenden Hotel Management School

Wednesday 12 June 2019

‘The Three Levels of Sustainability’ by lector Elena Cavagnaro now also available in Chinese’

That sustainability is not only a Western concern has been again proved by the Chinese translation of the Three Levels of Sustainability, a book authored by dr Elena Cavagnaro (Stenden HMS professor of sustainability in hospitality and tourism) and Mr George Curiel, (former National Authorizing officer for the European Development Fund).

The University of Tongji showed interest for the book back in 2014, when the book was listed in Thompson Reuters Book Citation Index. Tongji University is a leading University in China and received the 2012 ISCN Sustainable Campus Excellence Award by the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN). Tongji’s university aim to foster more leaders for sustainable development in China and in the world, which is fully aligned with Elena’s and George’s purpose with the Three Levels of Sustainability book.

‘A book that should reach a wider audience in China’.

Dr. Jiang Bo, Vice-President of Tongji University praises the book because “It discusses sustainability in a comprehensive scope, which is of importance for strategic choices for governments, organisations and our students” and shared with the authors his opinion that “the book should reach a wider audience in China”.

Therefore a team of translators was set to work under direct leadership of Dr. Jiang Bo himself. After a very careful process, the Chinese edition has been released by Tongji University Press in October 2018. One copy has reached NHL Stenden recently, and has been proudly presented by Elena Cavagnaro to Marco ten Hoor, director of  Stenden Hotel Management School.

The book that was published in 2012 shows how sustainability has evolved. It firmly places sustainability in its historic context and simultaneously provides a roadmap for producing the kind of leaders necessary for a more sustainable world. This principle plays an important role within the Hospitality Industry and therefore also in the curriculum of the programmes of the Stenden Hotel Management School in which sustainability and sustainable entrepreneurship fulfil a prominent role. 

About the book

With the aim to provide the missing link in current debates about sustainability. It proposes a holistic approach to sustainable development, which starts and ends with the human being. The book is framed around the three levels of sustainability (TLS) framework.  The framework encompasses societal, organisational, and individual levels; and illustrates how at each level value should be created on an economic, social and environmental dimension.

Lector Elena Cavagnaro has recently published a new book based on the Hotel Industry: ‘Sustainable Value Creation in Hospitality: Guests on Earth’.