NHL Stenden welcomes record number of visitors during Open Day

Wednesday 21 November 2018

On Saturday 17 November, over 7,000 visitors attended the first Open Day to be held this academic year at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. That is a record attendance for the new institution. “We have noticed that more and more intermediate professional education (mbo) students opt to attend a two-year associate degree programme after graduation,” says Jetske Nieuwenhuis, study choice adviser at NHL Stenden. “Consequently, there was much interest in the new associate degree programmes that our institution provides.”


New programmes geared to the market

The programmes provided by NHL Stenden are in a continuous process of development, mainly based on market demand. That demand has revealed a need for two-year associate degrees and professional master’s degrees. “Once we notice a need for a specific programme, we develop it in collaboration with the professional field. The new Ad Online Content Creator programme is just one example. The curriculum of this new programme is rooted in extensive dialogues and panel discussions with a range of companies,” explains Patrick Bemelmans, director of the Communication & Creative Business Academy.

High turnout

The high turnout came as no surprise. The number of higher education enrolments rose by a national 3% this academic year. NHL Stenden even welcomed a good 8% more students than last year. During the Open Day students choosing a course of study at the Leeuwarden, Emmen, Meppel, Groningen and Amsterdam branches were introduced to more than 150 NHL Stenden programmes. Jetske: “Students who are choosing a course are curious to hear about their chances on the employment market. They want to know whether they will be able to get a job after graduation. So we tell them more about our Design Based Education concept. This involves working on assignments for businesses and organisations from the start of the programme.”

A proper introduction

Besides a large number of graduation candidates, many level 4 senior general secondary education (havo) and level 5 pre-university education (vwo) pupils visited the Open Day for a first introduction. Their introduction went beyond questions and answers during an information session. Study choice workshops, informal talks with students and lecturers, and an extensive information market gave visitors a taste of what they can expect. During the course of the academic year more information events will be held, such as the Taster Sessions on Thursday 6 December. Pupils can attend the programme of their choice for a day to see whether the course suits them.