Verwijsindex digitaal burgerschap
Verwijsindex digitaal burgerschap

Digital Citizenship Guide

Project leader
Joyce Kerstens & Deike Schulz
December 2023 till November 2024
Communication, Media, Design

The core of this project is addressing the numerous initiatives and programs surrounding Digital Citizenship. The project aims to solve this issue by developing a referral index, enabling professionals in education and libraries to find and select effective interventions. This referral index will contribute to promoting digital citizenship and digital literacy, which are essential for full and inclusive participation in the digital society.

What is the motivation for the project?

Currently, there is a large number of interventions in the field of Digital Citizenship. This makes it difficult for professionals in libraries, educational institutions, and other organisations to navigate through the extensive offerings. Because of this, there is a need among these professionals for a practical tool to navigate through the wide range of initiatives.

What problem does the project solve?

The developed referral index will assist professionals in libraries and educational institutions in navigating the range of interventions more effectively. Additionally, insight will be gained into the mechanisms that make an intervention successful. This provides developers of new interventions with the opportunity to apply these insights. By comparing supply and demand, it is not only possible to determine what is currently available, but also to identify what is still missing.

Project team

This project is carried out by the cross-over Digital Citizenship. This cross-over is a partnership between the professorship Organisations and Social Media, and the professorship Cybersafety.

Project approach

On behalf of the Royal Library and with the support of the SIDN Fund, this project will map out the landscape of digital citizenship. A framework will be developed to assess the success of an intervention, and a referral index will be created to assist professionals in choosing and selecting meaningful interventions.

Main results

The main outcomes of the project include a better understanding of the landscape surrounding Digital Citizenship, the development of a framework and a referral index, and insight into the mechanisms that make interventions successful.

Project partners

More information on this project can also be found on the SIDN fonds website.

Sustainable Development Goals

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