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Important update: repatriation of students and staff in orange areas

Saturday 14 March 2020

The situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus is changing daily. For instance, since the evening of Friday 13 March, the Netherlands have suspended all flights arriving from risk countries. This includes flights from China (including Hong Kong), Iran, South Korea and Italy. The health and safety of our students and staff has the highest priority so all travel has now been cancelled until further notice and we are recalling students and staff from risk areas.

For NHL Stenden, this means that all international travel related to study or work has been cancelled. If you are currently in an area that has been classified orange or red, we urgently request that you return home if possible. If you decide to stay, it is at your own risk. International students who wish to leave the Netherlands and return home are strongly advised not to leave. If they decide to travel, this is at their own risk.

Orange and red areas

The website Nederland Wereldwijd offers travel advice in Dutch. The repatriation of students and staff applies to all those areas with orange and red classification, no matter how recent the classification is. Students currently in orange areas will be contacted by their study programme.

Students who are repatriated to the Netherlands but who have no accommodation to return to should contact their Academy’s contact person. A solution is being sought for these students.

Yellow areas and areas with a state of emergency

There is no special travel advice for areas classified as yellow and therefore no special travel advice for students and staff in those areas. There is also no special travel advice for areas with a state of emergency. This is normally an administrative decision. Of course, students and staff in these areas may decide themselves to return home on their own initiative. Only when these areas become classified as orange or red will we request that they return. Naturally, we will keep a close eye on developments in these areas.

If you need help or have any questions, email coronavirus@nhlstenden.com or via WhatsApp on +31 6 15 31 95 24 (Mon to Fri 09.00 - 22.00 and on weekends from 16.00-18.00)