International Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management course overview

This degree in International Human Resources Management helps you develop your interpersonal skills and encourages your creative skills and open mindset so as to be able to place employees as a key factor for business success and sustainable change.


Studying at NHL Stenden

Tomorrow’s world is defined by today’s people – and you play an important role in it.

We think it’s important that what we teach is in line with what happens in the field and so we collaborate closely with businesses. You’ll work with fellow students in small groups on assignments from companies. The focus is on your learning objectives and our lecturers guide you through the process so that you really develop the skills and knowledge you need to be able to later make a difference as a professional. NHL Stenden’s educational concept Design-Based Education (DBE) emphasizes co-creation with the field, working in small groups that bring together students, lecturers, researchers, professors and professionals in business.

Study Catalogue (Bildungskatalog)

Der Bildungskatalog enthält detaillierte Informationen über den Inhalt des Studiengangs, so dass du Vergleiche mit anderen Studiengängen vornehmen oder die in deinem Studiengang behandelten Komponenten und Themen nachschlagen kannst.

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