Lectures and collaborations

You can use Blackboard Collaborate for giving live or recorded online lectures and working in break-out groups. For working together in groups and working on documents, the preferred choice is Teams. Do you want to share a knowledge clip, for example a recording from Blackboard Collaborate? You can post these on our web lecture platform.

Lectures and collaborating in Blackboard

Blackboard Collaborate offers a high number of didactic functions that you can use online, for example:

  • Give face-to-face instructions.
  • Invite external relations to attend your lecture or give a lecture themselves.
  • Record your lecture, they will appear in your course immediately after.
  • Choose specific students to talk.
  • Mute everyone, so you’re the only audible participant.
  • Students can ‘raise their hand’.
  • Students can present (also within break-out groups).
  • Share screens with each other.

More information about Blackboard

Interaction and peer feedback in Feedback Fruits

Feedback Fruits help you make study material more interactive and facilitates peer and teacher feedback. This Blackboard application ties in with Design-Based Education, our testing policy (including formative assessments) and the desire, strongly underpinned by current circumstances, to expand what we offer in terms of digital didactics.

On the Feedback Fruits website, you can find an overview of all tools and how to use them. And with the handy decision tree, you can quickly discover which tool best suits your project, lecture or issue. Furthermore, in the week of June 29 inspiration workshops took place about the use of Feedback Fruits within our university of applied sciences.

Lectures and collaborating in Microsoft Teams

Teams is the collaborative platform from Microsoft Office 365. You can use Teams as a virtual workspace for working in groups and working together on documents. For example:

  • Give face-to-face instructions.
  • Working together on documents.
  • Live workshops.
  • Stream presentations, videos, images and Office-documents during a meeting.
  • Create subgroups in channels.
  • Create a schedule and make to-do-lists to improve collaborations.

You can also invite external relations via Teams and record your lectures to share afterwards. But we recommend you use Blackboard Collaborate for this.

You can find the links to other instructional material below, which you can use to get started with Microsoft Teams.

Share recorded lectures

Do you want to share a recorded lecture with others? You can easily do that via Teams. You can also choose to download the recorded lecture and distribute it yourself. The recorded videos are large files and can therefore not be attached to an e-mail. Use the filesender of Surf to send these large files safely.

More information about Teams

Netiquette online education

In order to smoothly run online education, it is useful to adhere to certain guidelines. Consider, for example, testing your camera beforehand and muting your microphone when you are not speaking.

We have made it easy for you as a teacher and made the following presentation available, to prior to a lecture indicate your rules to your students. You can easily add the sheet to your own presentation and adjust the content, so that it perfectly suits your teaching style. After all, NHL Stenden has many different teaching and working methods, which means that these rules for online education are not fixed.