Digitale Innovatie in Zorg en Welzijn

Digital Innovation in Healthcare

How does a (digital) intervention encourage users to engage in behaviour that contributes to their health and/or well-being?

The professorship Digital Innovation in Healthcare wants to take a critical look at the added value of digital applications and their responsible usage in health and welfare. The participation of professionals, patients and clients in the design process of new applications is of vital importance. Firstly, for their experiences and (professional) content knowledge. Secondly, to use this participatory process to create support for the required change.

Work field

Within the professorship, we actively cooperate with municipalities, welfare organisations, care organisations, volunteer organisations and residents. All these partners come together in various forms of cooperation.


The professorship's projects take place a professional setting and are carried out under the responsibility of the professor by research group members in collaboration with students. Within the professorship, students are given the opportunity to become acquainted with executing innovative projects and conducting research.

Within all projects with the field, the emphasis is always on a design-based approach: how can we, together with clients, patients, residents and professionals, improve care and support in an innovative (and possibly digital) way? Here, sometimes the emphasis is more on the design of the digital tools themselves, and sometimes more on the implementation of these innovations.


Job van 't Veer has been professor of Digital Innovation in Healthcare at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences since 2020. The professorship is composed of the professor together with lecturers, researchers and students from various study programmes. Partners from the field also actively participate in the professorship. With the current research group, the professorship has a diverse base of knowledge and experience, from which each member gives substance to the themes of the professorship in its own way.


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