Q&A Online tests for students

What kind of device can I use for the online test?
You can use a computer or laptop. You do also need an internet connection, browser, webcam and microphone on the PC or laptop. If you don't have a microphone, you can use earphones / headphones. You then attach the microphone to the clothing and hang the earphones / headphones around the neck (should not be on the ears).

How do I enter the assessment application?
You will receive an instruction, including log-on details, via email.

Will Apple users also be able to use Quayn?
Yes, certainly. It is an online application, that is accessed through the web.

My network is not working properly or the assessment stops halfway, now what?
Should this happen during an assessment, Quayn will save the data. Should your network connection not be reinstated, please contact your study’s Exam Committee.

A few days before you will take the assessment, you will receive an email to execute a system check, in which your network connection is tested. It is your own responsibility to make sure that you have a proper internet connection. In case of bad Wi-Fi, you may use your phone as a hotspot, enabling wireless internet.

What should I do if I do not have the required facilities, such as an old laptop without a camera?
If you do not have the required facilities, you can contact studentinfo@nhlstenden.com with a request to borrow equipment. Please note however that the availability is limited. Should you be unable to find a suitable device, you cannot access the assessment and the Exam Committee will be involved for a follow up. We are thinking of laptops, telephone or the internet.

Do I need to make a deposit payment if I borrow something?
No, we assume that you will return the borrowed equipment at the agreed upon time in the same state as you collected it in.

Can’t I just take my assessment in school if I do not have the proper equipment to take it at home?
There is no possibility to take the assessment at school.

Can I register late( r) for the assessment?
No, it is not possible to register late( r). Late registration via the Exam Committee is not possible in case of online assessments.

How will I know when my assessment will take place?
You will be informed through the usual channels.

Is this way of taking assessments allowed under privacy rules and regulations?
All digital assessment means have been designed in close cooperation with our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) employees, so our students’ privacy is guaranteed. Online proctoring is done on the basis of a legitimate interest of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences (art 6.1 under f GDPR), just like when a presentation is recorded.

How will my privacy be protected with the use of ProctorExam?
When proctoring via ProctorExam, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is taken into account. Because personal data are processed during online proctoring, you will receive a notification thereof before the start of the assessment. This notification explains which personal data are processed and how this is done. Below, we will elaborate on a number of other ways that your privacy is being taken into consideration.

Regarding your privacy, we adhere to two important principles of the GDPR: data minimisation and data retention. Data minimisation means that the recordings are only used by authorised persons and only for proctoring the assessment. Data retention means that we observe the indicated retention period of the recordings and that this data retention is done safely. In this case, we observe the retention period as prescribed by the data registers, which are adjusted to the status of the recordings and the Universities of Applied Sciences Selection List.

Furthermore, NHL Stenden and ProctorExam enter into a processing agreement. In this agreement, NHL Stenden Hogeschool and ProctorExam agree that they will diligently handle processed data. It also includes that the parties will observe all applicable rules and regulations, including, but not limited to, the GDPR.

Also, a so-called Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is executed. This is a privacy effect assessment instrument which discloses any privacy risks in a structured and clear way. This PIA is also executed, among other things, before any processing of personal data in view of research, projects, processes and applications.

What will happen if I, on the basis of the GDPR, refuse to allow proctoring?
It is, on the basis of the GDPR, not possible to legitimately refuse proctoring for the assessments you wish to participate in, as NHL Stenden adheres to up-to-date GDPR rules and regulations in the application of online proctoring. Please refer to the question above for a further explanation in this respect.

Recordings are made on the basis of the so-called legitimate interest that NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences has. This legitimate interest applies to online proctoring of online assessments, but also to other situations you may already have encountered. Besides online proctoring, NHL Stenden often records students for education purposes, for example with regard to competence development, presentation assessments or to be able to provide specific feedback.

I don’t have a workplace at home where I can do a test on my own and undisturbed. What should I do?
We recommend you find somewhere outside your own home where you can do the test on your own and undisturbed. If you can’t, please inform your study programme’s exam committee.

Can the tests be done on an iPad or Android tablet?
No. You can only do the tests on a laptop or pc using the latest version of Windows or iOS. You need to have a laptop or desktop with a working camera, microphone, and a reliable internet connection. Make sure you have also installed the Google Chrome browser.

If I login to Quayn, I get an Unknown error message.
This is because some accounts still need to be made in Quayn. We are busy sorting this out and you will have access to your account in Quayn at least one day before your test.

What should I do if my laptop stops working halfway through the test?
Quayn saves the test while you are working on it. If your laptop or computer stops working during the test, please contact your study programme’s exam committee to discuss what can be done next.

Do I have to leave my laptop’s camera on throughout the whole of a test?
The camera on your laptop or pc is used to monitor you and your surroundings. In addition, recordings are made of what is happening on your screen during the test. This is done using ProctorExam and means you only need your webcam and not an additional camera too.

What systems do I need to use for my tests, Blackboard or Quayn?
There are two systems for testing: Blackboard and Quayn. Before each test, you will receive an invitation stating, amongst other things, which system the test will use.

I don’t see my name in the test schedule. What should I do?
You are listed according to your surname, which means for instance that the listing ‘Bakker to Johnson’ will include all students whose surname begins with a letter alphabetically between Bakker and Johnson.

When will I get instructions for the test?
You’ll receive instructions for the test at least one day in advance. You will receive two messages. The first is a confirmation link. Once you have confirmed your participation, you will receive the second message giving you comprehensive instructions on how to do the test.

Technical difficulties when starting your test?

Half an hour prior to the start of your test, you can ask for help at the technical helpdesk via the link below. They will then contact you to help you with the technical problem.


Students with a disability

I am always granted extra time, will this also apply to online assessments?
Yes, your extra time facilities also apply at home.

I used to do my assessments on a computer instead of on paper, how will this be done now?
You can take the assessment at home on your own computer/laptop.

I always take my assessments in a quiet/solo space, how will this work in case of online assessments?
Try to create this environment in your own home. The university of applied sciences cannot offer these facilities.

I always take speech assessments. Will this option also be available in the digital assessment environment?
The digital assessment programme Quayn offers the possibility to have the assessment read aloud. You will receive a separate instruction email.

I always take my assessments on A3 paper. Will this option also be available in the digital assessment environment?
The A3 facility cannot be offered. Should taking the digital assessment without A3 be a problem, please contact your study’s Exam Committee.

I always take my assessments on yellow paper. Will this option also be available in the digital assessment environment?
No, it is not.