Hotel Opening Management

Want to know what it takes to succesfully open a new hotel? And how subjects like project management, legal issues and logistics all play there part? Then Hotel Opening Management is the minor you're looking for!

We will pay attention to all kinds of subjects that are related to hotel opening management, like organizational influences, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, integrations management and more.



  • Februari
  • September


  • Zuid-Afrika


  • Engels


  • 15 EC's

Type minor

  • Voor alle hbo-opleidingen


  • Hotelmanagement
  • Toerisme en vrije tijd

Inhoud van de minor

The initial success or failure of any new hotel is the ability to strategically open the property in a flu-id and project-oriented manner. The hotel opening process is one that involves an interrelated approach to project management, supply chain management, logistics, legal issues, financing, investment decisions and procurement to name but a few. From conceptualization through to the actual opening of a property and maintenance thereafter, a hotel opening team needs to be able to work in unison, often in the face of major logistical challenges and the occasional set back.

Recent literature by Noordzij (2014) suggests that the industry is facing an imminent explosion of new hotel openings. This makes the need apparent for professionals who have a strong project management understanding and a similar mind-set to managing the hotel opening process.   

Opzet van de minor

Within the Hotel Opening Minor, students are required to research various areas throughout the world where there is substantial growth in the amount of hotels that are being built. Two of these locations are within South Africa. This provides students with an in-depth knowledge on how to start up a hotel in the South African context.   


  • Assessed against a written exam   
  • Students will have a module assignment   
  • Examination through participation   


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