Olcay Ozdemir

“There is no other university of applied sciences, especially in Germany, that offers this kind of practice-related education.”
Olcay Ozdemir
Alumnus Creative Business

Olcay Ozdemir (28), German Media and Entertainment Management alumnus extraordinaire, has made tv programmes all over the world, from Dubai to Melbourne. Ever since his graduation, he has steadily worked his way to the top as a producer and he has been the face of Germany’s info-tainment show Galileo for over two years. Take a look at his showreel below.

It all began at NHL Stenden

Let's jump back in time when Olcay had to decide where he wanted to study.: “People were always telling me I was born with a microphone in my hand. So when it became time to choose a study programme, I knew I wanted to do an English-taught course that would prepare me for the media business in a practical way. NHL Stenden’s study programme really caught my attention with its international aspects, which would prepare me for the globalised media business. There is no other university of applied sciences, especially in Germany, that offers this kind of practice-related education.”

Olcay’s studies at NHL Stenden

Olcay studied Media and Entertainment Management (now: Creative Business): “I’ve learned about all the different aspects a career in media would entail; filming, sound editing, and so on. I do believe this is the only way to learn how to be an effective manager. You need to have experienced the work yourself to be able to lead others more successfully. And we have learned to do it all, step by step we’ve made a television show, a print magazine, even music production was part of it. I have acquainted myself with all the different roles, from cameraman to producer. This is the key to being a good manager.

To be honest, the study load was quite high at times. But with Problem-Based Learning (PBL)*, I actually learned how to manage my time better. In the real world, you will also need to prioritise. I really had the feeling of being amongst friends at NHL Stenden. The tutors know your name and we’ve worked on cases together as equals.

Experiences in Leeuwarden and the Netherlands

“I simply love Leeuwarden and NHL Stenden. It’s all so international and multi-cultural. I have made friends for life from all over the world there. The Dutch are some of the friendliest people in the world in my experience. They all speak English and you can ask them for anything. If you ask for directions, for example, often they will even walk with you!”

Millions of viewers

“I have sent over 100 internship applications before being invited to join ProSieben, a big commercial television network in Germany. I started out as a production management assistant and junior reporter. It was exactly the right place for me and it kick-started my career in media.

Since then, I have worked as a reporter and producer in the studios abroad in Shanghai (China) for 2 years and Bangalore (India) for 3 months. When I was abroad, I was responsible for the international segments for the shows Galileo, red and Abenteuer Leben and got to put my creative ideas into practice by pitching, developing, filming and editing inspiring stories from all over the world. I engage the generation of digital natives by sharing highly relevant stories. Nowadays, I reach over 44 million households every day, can you believe it?

The benefits of having studied at NHL Stenden

Looking back at my studies, I still see how I benefit from it to this day. I have worked with people from different backgrounds and cultures and this prepared me for my current job. Thanks to the group work in module assignments, I learned how to work with people from different cultures.

As an international TV producer, I work with different teams on a daily basis. Different people in new countries. In new groups, just like how it was during my studies. When I start filming, I assemble a new international team and I know exactly how to work with all of these people.

I still benefit from all the international friendships I’ve built over the years. Most of the students I studied with are spread all around the world. From New York to Sydney; I am grateful to have friends everywhere who I can visit and who support me when I travel there to film. Thanks to my time at NHL Stenden, I know at least one person in every continent in the world.

* Please note that, while PBL is still used in the majority of our courses, all study programmes work towards implementing the new Design Based Education system, which shares some similarities with PBL and further expands on its principles.