Dr. Marcel Crul is developing H2020, SNN, Creative Europe, Erasmus+, SIA/RAAK and Interreg project proposals for NHL and is managing two EU funded projects. He has over thirty years of experience in acquiring, implementing and managing multi- and interdisciplinary societal, research and technological projects and programmes.

“My education includes a PhD in Indutrial Design Engineering, an MSc in Ecology and one in Communication Science, constituting a combined background in beta-gamma disciplines. I held several university positions, the last one before NHL was at TU Delft, on multidisciplinary Sustainability and Innovation Research in which I coordinate and manage small to medium sized multidisciplinary research teams. I also work as an independent international consultant.”

International innovative projects

“I have over thirty years of experience in acquiring, implementing and managing projects are in the area of social innovation, climate innovation, sustainable production and consumption, sustainable value chains, RECP, sustainable product innovation, sustainable energy, and general sustainability, environmental and societal research projects.”

“Further, I was involved in knowledge management and information systems, policy studies and advice. I act as expert for international organisations like UNIDO, UNEP, Worldbank and EU. I have a keen interest and broad experience in internationally oriented cooperative and innovative projects, and worked in the Dutch, European, South American, North and Sub-Sahara African, and Asian context.”


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